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Turbo Dry Oxygenator from Research Products  is a stain remover and germicidal odour remover. Used as a pad applied hot rinse solution speeds drying, brilliant cleaning results. Hyper allergenic, no perfumes.

Added in hot water and padded over the carpet this powder helps remove old shampoo residues, browning stains and soils as well as brightens colours. By liberating oxygen bubbles through the fibre carpet is deodorised and drying is speeded up. The results achieved by the Turbo Dry process will equal if not better any other carpet cleaning wet or dry.
Available in 5kg, 10kg, and 20kg.

It is a two part process where first the carpet is vacuumed out and pre-sprayed or pre-spotted with Soil Release. Specially developed soil absorbent pads soaked in "Oxygenator" solution are then buffed over the carpet to extract the dirt and stains. Three different pads deal with all types of carpet and soiling conditions. The oxygenation of the carpet help bubble out old stains, browning and recurring spots as well as lift the overall brightness of the carpet. The oxygenation of each fibre helps remove odours by oxidation, therefore you are able to clean and deodorise at the same time. Once you see the system operate you won’t believe how fast the Turbo Dry dry soil extraction process dries, nor how well it cleans - it’s amazing.

Click here to download the Turby Dry Oxygenator Material Safety Data Sheet

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