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Shift Super foaming lemon detergent has everything you want In a detergent.

Economy, efficiency, mildness and freshness all in one product with billowing suds that foam away and dissolve greasy soils.

SHIFT is a thick heavy-duty detergent with a laboratory controlled ph of 7 (neutral) that is designed to quickly penetrate oily soils, dry food deposits and baked on carbonaceous films so that they are removed with very little scrubbing or agitation.

Available in 15L.


In The Sink

Just a dash will keep the greasy pots and pans gleaming without power fade or suds loss. SHIFT contains the maximum practical concentration of cleaning agents whilst maintaining mildness to hands.

SHIFT is ideal for manual washing of glassware, dishes, pots and pans and cutlery and won’t attack aluminium - no phosphates either.

Washing Floors

For those wishing to use a do-it-all product, SHIFT is the one. Cuts through greasy floor film without creating “soaping slip”. Doesn’t suffer from power fade in the bucket either, suds just keep working. SHIFT’s neutral ph won’t blush or bight shiny or polished floors.


Want an economical car and truck wash? SHIFT is it. Just 1/4 cup per bucket rips off traffic film and leaves a water-break free, no spot surface. Minimal towelling or drying off is required. Your wax gloss will not be affected in any way.

Advantages in a Nutshell

  • Powerful lemon scent makes it pleasant to use all the time.
  • Billowing, great-cutting suds don’t suffer power fade out.
  • Thick, super rich, concentrated formula with “Greasolve” at no extra cost.
  • Contains no phosphates, sulphates or non-biodegradable ingredients. Over 40% of the actives are coconut derived.
  • Concentrated as far as practical for everyday use.

Click here to download the Shift Material Safety Data Sheet