Peerless Surface Seal Timber and Cork Seal 20L

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Surface Seal Timber and Cork Seal is where required Surface Seal can be substituted for Super Finish Seal when traffic conditions are not as intense as sport floor applications. It is also an alternative for Multi Purpose Floors.

Ideal in Domestic or Commercial applications. Available in 10L and 20L.


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• Produces a semi-permanent film for use on timber, cork, parquetry and composite flooring.
• Dries to a tough durable film which is unaffected by water.
• Prevents timber floors drying out and splintering.
• Enhances and retains the original natural colours of the timber.

• Floor temperature must be between 10 − 30 °C. 
• Floor moisture content must be between 9 − 14% as per Australian Standard. 
• A moisture meter is recommended to indicate conditions. 
• In hot and dry climates slightly reduce exposure to direct air to prevent rapid and uneven drying. 
• Do not cover the surface with non porous protective  materials as the curing time can take more than 7

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