Super Finish Seal Timber Cork and Sports Finish Seal

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Super Finish Seal is a highly concentrated blend of penetrating oils and synthetic resins that produce a tough durable safe playing surface on any indoor timber or cork floor that is subjected to high volume traffic conditions.

Super Finish Seal dries to a tough durable surface that protects and prevents timber from drying out and splintering. The rich finish enhances the original timber colours and protects. Highly resistant to rubber burn marks and scuff marks can be removed with machine buffing. Ongoing maintenance is simple and periodic refurbishment can be effected with existing maintenance staff.


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• Produces a tough durable finish to timber, cork, parquetry and composition flooring.  
• Dries to a tough durable film unaffected by water.
• Prevents timber floors from drying out and splintering.
• Provides excellent traction for sports use.
• Floor temperature must be between 10 − 30 °C. 
• Floor moisture content must be between 9 − 14% as per Australian Standard. 
• A moisture meter is recommended to indicate conditions. 
• In hot and dry climates slightly reduce exposure to direct air to prevent rapid and uneven drying. 
• Do not cover the surface with non porous protective  materials as the curing time can take more than 7

Regular and correct maintenance will extend the life of your timber floor and present it at its best.
• Attach protective pads to furniture legs. 
• Use matting at all external entries to contain and prevent dirt and grit from entering. 
• Sweep daily with an electrostatic mop. 
• Spot mop spillages as they occur. 
• Damp mop when required. 
• Use VERSADET neutral floor cleaner following label instructions. 
• Do not over wet your timber floor. 
• Do not expose your timber floor to heavy traffic until full curing of the seal/finish is effected.

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