Daylight Express Timber Floor Sealer

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Water based timber floor sealer. Non toxic, no odour, non yellowing, fast drying

The one day start to finish the job. Water based, super gloss, permaseal for timber floors.

A new concept for better results, higher productivity, greater safety.

This is the first, sand in the morning, three coats in one day single pack, safe, water based ultra gloss timber finish that your customer can walk on the same night. Sounds impossible, Daylight Express can do it.

DAYLIGHT EXPRESS is super fast drying, with 50 minutes between coats (tack free in 30 minutes). This new technology doesn’t normally require sanding between coats! You may only need to pad back with the new wine coloured smoothing pad after the first coat on open grained timber. Just think, one product from top to bottom 3 or maximum 4 coats and you’ve finished the job in one day.

The best thing is your customers can walk on the floor (with socks on the first night in 4 hours) fully cured to walk on and move furniture back in 24 - 48 hours. Nobody else can give you this technology to improve productivity and give a superb glossy result every time.

Where does the technology come from?

Research Products one of the leaders in the development of sealers and finishes for terrazzo, stone and vinyl floors. Our sealers and finishes have enabled reduced labour costs and improved appearance in supermarkets and shopping centres throughout Australia and overseas. We’ve now applied the very same innovative principles, honed in the tough and competitive retail market, towards the timber floor sealing technology and maintenance market. The idea is to reduce complexity, time wasting and the dangers of using toxic solvent and dangerous two pack water and solvent based floor sealers that take days to finish the job. We’ve brought the timber floor industry to the 21 st Century!

We’ve cut the time, the materials, and the machinery; so you can finish the job fast and virtually double the number of jobs you can finish every week. Rain, hail or shine. Just think what this will do to your income and cash flow.

The Technology

Why water base?
Water based products in the market have their roots in Europe and are invariably thick and difficult to apply with rollers or lambs wool applicators. They also required a separate sanding sealer. In Australian weather, especially hot weather, it is very difficult to get even penetration using a roller without orange peel effect in the final coat. Has it happened to you?

New Innovation – we’ve made changes.
What we’ve done is removed the sanding sealer altogether because there is no need to sand between coats. Why? DAYLIGHT EXPRESS goes on more evenly with a lamb’s wool applicator with less raised grain. You may only need new GLOMESH, a “wine colour” smoothing floor pad, not a sandscreen disc to level after the first coat. If you prefer sand screens go right ahead we suggest the new 220 grit from Pall Mall/Glit Glomesh.

Side bond panelling
You will never have side bonding that causes panelling like other solvent based sealers, these can split and peel back only weeks after you lay the seal. Because our thinner viscosity allows more flow, seal goes between the joint, not over it. The other benefit is that you only require three or at the most four coats for the best looking gloss depth and grain fill.

Gloss and Colour Change

Normally, water based finishes, both single pack and two pack are much lower in gloss than O.M.U and two pack solvent finishes. We defy you to tell the difference in appearance between DAYLIGHT EXPRESS and the shiniest of solvent based product. It also has a brilliant clarity and keeps blond timbers looking incredibly pale. Your customers don’t want their floors to yellow, ours stay pale.

Hardness versus Safety

Yes, we are slightly softer in hardness than a two pack urethane, about the same as a single pack. Our floors on the other hand give much higher grip and safety under foot, so important in a volleyball, squash, netball or basketball court. Our concept is to buff out marks and scuffs in the regular clean and buff maintenance process or to topcoat with a maintenance finish Research Products DAZZLER. You can’t buff out marks or scuffs in a two pack solvent finish.

Advantages in a Nutshell

  • Non hazardous, non toxic, no odour, no two pot mixing.
  • Sand and three coat finish in the one day.
  • Complete up to 50% more jobs in a week. That’s at least 50% more income.
  • Customers can walk on same night.
  • No pre-sealer or sanding sealer required one product top to bottom.
  • No sanding between coats as grain not raised after the first coat, use only wine coloured pad.
  • Touch dry in 30 minutes, recoat in 50.
  • Fast cure (24hr) so the furniture move back is fast.
  • Ultra tough, high film build, flexible, abrasion resistant film.
  • Non-yellowing ultra clear– no O.M.U honey colour.
  • Applies easily like a solvent sealer, without side bonding or panelling.
  • Dries with all the brilliant gloss of a solvent sealer, without the toxic solvent.
  • Easy to repair and touch up if necessary, no adhesion problems.
  • Easy clean up, no solvents required, just wash lambs wool applicator with water.
  • No smells in the house, no strong or dangerous chemicals.


No need to switch back to rollers, your lambswool works brilliantly because it is faster and levels without bubbles or fisheyes. Long nap rollers (10mm) are also satisfactory if you want to use them use a 5mm roller on oily or resinous timber like turpentine. A paint edger pad or small lambswool pad can be used to cut-in skirting boards.

Timber Preparation

We have made a change over current technology, now it’s your turn to upgrade your technique and perhaps your equipment to obtain the finest result.

Obviously the finer the sanding finish the less chance of imperfections and the less chance of raised grain after the first coat. It is important to try for the finest sand, particularly on softwoods where you want the lightest colour. We promote the use of variable speed rotary finishing equipment like the Klindex Rotary Ventura or Planetario planetary action sander with vac. It has the ability to run slow on heavy cuts to remove swirls (120 - 150 grit) plus the ability to go up in speed for finer finishing using the latest 220 now on the market. Have you tried them?

Dust removal Prior to Finishing

This is extremely important, you must have a high suction, high filtration vacuum cleaner fitted with a brush head. It is imperative to vacuum carefully above the floor, ledges, blinds, radiators, skirtings then finally the floor itself, running down the timber joints.

We would rather you vacuum than use a tack rag because it’s faster and it removes dust from between the joints.


First Coat
This is the most important and it should be applied quite heavily so that you can just see white sealer appearing as you lay. You will be able to work faster with this finish and still be able to “touch up” missed areas. Don’t overwork particularly on the first coat as levelling can be affected on larger areas. Work slightly ahead on edges as normal then fill in or use a second person to work ahead.

50 minutes later on first coat
When dry inspect for raised grain. Lightly buff the floor with the new Glomesh Wine colour smoothing pad. This will remove lint, fluff, dust specs, and even raised grain if any. It doesn’t remove finish.

Second and subsequent coats
Vacuum carefully and recoat again with at least 50 minutes between coats. Gloss will build on the final coat.

Note: Some timbers (like turpentine, Tassie oak) will not seal perfectly with three coats. Add a fourth coat only to these timbers or in extreme heavy traffic areas.


First coat average 10-15 square meters per litre. Second and further coats 15-25 square meters per litre.

After care of new floor

Research Products provide literature for after care of these floors. We also provide cleaning products that help prevent soil build-up or slippery floors to develop. A gloss revitalizing and scratch repairing topcoat – DAZZLER is also available to keep the floor in tip top appearance for years ahead.

Environmental and Safety Policy

DAYLIGHT EXPRESS is NON TOXIC and contains no Toluene Isocyanate or Aziridine. It contains no known asthma triggers and is odourless and fume free in use.

Toxic Properties of Solvent Based and Two Pack Timber Finishes

We want to make all floor sanders and finishers aware of the dangers of OMU single pack and all solvent or water based two pack finishes. There must be a concentrated effort by manufacturers to develop safer and more user friendly sealers that don’t leach irritants or toxins into the environment.

DAYLIGHT EXPRESS is possibly the safest new technology timber sealing product available in the Australian industry. We hope you support our efforts to improve your safety and the long term health of you and your customers.

Shelf Life

We supply Daylight Express in screw cap 5L and 15L plastic containers to minimise the formation of a skin like film on the surface, or sides of the container as well as to preserve shelf life. We don’t recommend that you return unused floor seal to the original container unless it is impeccably clean. This could ruin the complete drum of product.

Normal shelf life for Daylight Express is 12 months. If you are concerned, phone us, giving batch number details, this is found on the label.

Other Innovations that will Work of YOU

New product to look for and try out. All these products work toward you achieving a faster or superior result with DAYLIGHT EXPRESS.

Planetary Action Sander – Klindex Planetario

Variable Speed Rotary Sander – Klindex Venture

GLOMESH Sandscreen Driver – New white thin, sticky drive pad holder for sandscreen discs.

GLOMESH Sandscreen Discs – New binder gives improved life with less glazing. Enables finer grit to be used on final finishing from 180 to 220 and 300.

GLOMESH Wine colour smoothing pad – Removes lint dust hair and even raised grain without cutting back film thickness. Ideal after the first coat of DAYLIGHT EXPRESS.