Steamroller II Sealer Remover - 5L and 15L

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Stripping productivity that flattens the competition!
It effectively removes concrete sealers and old heavy build-up with or without scrubbing.


The aggressive action allows the stripping performance combined with mechanical energy to remove thousands of square meters of old, heavy build-up per hour.

Technology has Moved Forward.

Available in 5L and 15L.

There is a great need in the market for even further performance and enhancement in the stripping of floors. With the introduction of high performance gas stripping machines combined with autoscrubbers to make a mechanised approach to large area stripping you require more aggression in the stripper. This aggressive action allows the stripping performance combined with mechanical energy to remove thousands of square meters of old, heavy buildup per hour.

Apply, Scrub and Rinse

STEAMROLLER 2 is not a no rinse stripper and must be applied, allowed to activate, scrubbed then rinsed off using a neutraliser (NEUTRO) to counteract alkalinity, particularly on stone/terrazzo surfaces.

Planning the job to improve productivity will involve selecting the correct equipment first, so that you are able to utilize, not waste the time saving performance.


Why apply stripping solution from a bucket using a mop when you can dilute and pour directly from a 15Ltr drum in a shopping trolley via a tap and spread it over the working area with a fringe mop or apply it from your autoscrubber.

Most people think that an autoscrubber is faster, when in fact pour and spread method is faster.

Give STEAMROLLER 2 time to work

Too many operators apply stripper to a small area then start scrubbing before it has had time to activate. It is far better to apply to double the area you envisage, even two or three aisles. You then have a product on the floor working for you to reduce your costs by allowing the finish to come off in the first scrubbing pass.

The only thing you must watch for is drying. Always re-apply stripper to areas that are drying out.


Why wouldn’t you use Tynex brushes for stone or terrazzo or high productivity pads that rip the loosened film up in one scrubbing pass? This allows you to apply NEUTRO neutraliser on heavy stripping jobs where 1 to 4 parts stripper to water solutions have been used. You actually add the neutraliser as you are picking up the slurry. Why wait to rinse first then neutralise? This method is faster because you save one rinse pass. Where time is not a problem, pick up stripper slurry then apply neutraliser with a light scrub as you flood with squeegee up, allow 2 minutes, then pick up and rinse. STEAMROLLER 2 Buyer Benefits.

  • Strips all types of water based finishes, concrete sealers, base sealers and urethane fortified acrylic sealers.
  • Easily strips multiple coat buildup of regular sealers that have yellowed with age.
  • No strong odours, no ammonia or “nasty” chemical smells.
  • Incredibly fast penetration to suspend the sealer from the floor.
  • No lumps or “bits” of floor finish, It totally solubilises the polish into a jellied clear liquid. No blockage on the autoscrubber pick up tube or squeegee.
  • Use as a no scrub stripper, apply, let stand then mop the liquified polish off the floor followed by a neutralising rinse.

Directions and Dilutions

Small Job Stripping Mop-on, mop-off.
STEAMROLLER 2 allows you to quickly strip difficult small sites with just a mop-on, wait, mop-off action. No machines needed. Types of sites would include stairs, landings, under supermarket shelves and checkouts. You just squeegee off the sealer. Then pick up, neutralise then rinse.

Dilution: 1 part STEAMROLLER 2 to 4 parts cold water.
Neutralise: 1 part NEUTRO 40 parts cold water on Terrazzo 1 to 80 on tiles and ceramics.
Rinse: Plain hot or cold water.

Large Job Stripping – Automated with Scrubbing.

Dilution: As described previously apply 1 part STEAMROLLER 2 to 8 parts cold water (regular sealers and build-up) for non-metallic acrylic or concrete sealers and urethane sealers. 1 part STEAMROLLER 2 to 4 parts cold water.
Neutralise: 1 part NEUTRO to 40 parts cold water on Terrazzo, 1 to 80 on tiles and ceramics.

Job Safety

Steamroller 2 is strongly alkaline and contains potassium hydroxide which is unlike our SLEDGEHAMMER or MELTDOWN products. It is an optional and safety mechanism to use NEUTRO on these products. Contains alkali salts. Protective clothing, gloves and waterproof boots must be worn with STEAMROLLER 2. (Refer to label)

Click here to download the Steamroller II Material Safety Data Sheet