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A water based carpet and upholstery protector with durable stain shielding and wet spill beading. It is suitable for carpet and upholstery.

Available in 1L and 5L.

Product Description

A new type of Fluorocarbon protector that uses new fibre locking technology to dramatically improve the bond strength to both upholstery and carpet fibres. The total effect being to increase the life of the protective finish and to improve water and oil based stain repellency to levels not previously attainable with low temperature curing carpet protectors.

Mill Application

The concept is also to offer unique flexibility of application. It may be mill applied to new carpet or fabric with either an ambient air or heated air dried finish, with very little difference in dry cured oil and water beading performance. This alone can save thousands of dollars per year in energy savings. Our fibre locking performance (automatic cross-linking and curing) is related to the presence of a synergist. Cross linking by heat can be used if a faster cure is required. Normally air curing takes 48 hours to reach its maximum performance level.

Aftermarket Application – Fibreloc is superior

FIBRELOC may be applied as an after market product for new carpet, rugs and upholstery by carpet & upholstery cleaners using a simple hand pump spray or motorised flat jet sprayer. It may be applied to clean, wet or dry carpet. Its high beading water repellency gives a perfect customer demonstration on how water based spills can be easily wiped away before they become ugly stains. When maintenance cleaning FIBRELOC treated carpet, the WoolSafe approved Spitfire- Advanced or the Dry Fusion System, will perform even better in stain, spill and general soil removal.

Flexibility of Fibre Types

FIBRELOC doesn’t just perform on nylon 6, nylon 66 and wool fibres. The unique FIBRELOC technology provides strong adhesion even to polypropylene (olefin) and to 100% polyester, polyamide or polyester cotton fabrics and linen. Our adhesion strength on polyester automotive upholstery would indicate a very big potential in the car dealership and second hand car aftermarket. FIBERLOC, unlike other type of protection does not alter flame resistance of flame retardant fabrics. It does not decrease the flame retardant effect as other protection products can.

No other water based protector can claim these features

Research Products has paid careful attention to the adhesion and longevity of the finish (the FIBRELOC effect) as well as the types of soils to be shielded. Not only does FIBRELOC make vacuum cleaning more effective, most water based spills (except certain dyes) are kept from penetrating the fibres and can be removed more easily with a wet sponge or white wetted towel. Spotting with Unbelievable reinforces the flourocarbon performance.

Sales Advantages

  • The only product available to show strong and long life performance on olefin carpets.
  • Industry leading wet spill resistance – wine, water, juices bead up on the surface to allow fast damp sponge removal. What a sales advantage!
  • Dust, dried mud and environmental buildup from exhaust gases is repelled from carpet and upholstery fibres. Vacuuming is at least 60% more effective. Fibres stay cleaner, and fresher looking longer.
  • Multiple stain shielding polymers keep ground in soils from penetrating deep within the fibres. They help prevent wet spills from becoming ugly permanent stains.
  • Adhesion of FIBRELOC is such that it can withstand the rigours of four hot extraction cleans with SPITFIRE ADVANCED and still provide water bead performance.
  • Only one product required for carpet mills, fabric weaving mills, furniture retailers, carpet retailers and carpet upholstery cleaners. Minimal distributor stockholding required.
  • No effect on flammability rating on fire retardant treated fibres and on woven fabrics.
  • The best result we have ever tested on automotive fabric seats.
  • Non flammable, non hazardous, non irritant , non solvent water based formula.

Increased Performance on Fabrics

Up until recently solvent based protectors were the only type recommended for fabrics or upholstery fibres. This was because the fluorocarbon resin could be very easily dissolved insolvent rather than dispersed in water. The larger particle size of the water based product gave reduced adhesion and penetrating power plus there was also the risk of a white residue appearing. On the negative side solvent based fabric protectors also strip off flame retardant coatings as trialled in our field laboratory testing regime.

FIBRELOC technology enables us to increase adhesion to a previously unmatchable level and provide the industry with one product that performs equally as well on woven fabrics ,flocked or needle punched fibres.

FIBRELOC is the only water based technology available that gives superior performance compared to solvent based products on upholstery. This eliminates your exposure to toxic or flammable solvents and there is no effect on fire retardants that may also be present.

Cleaning Effect on Treated Fibres

Most customers, particularly those customers in the after care market ask difficult to answer questions because they don’t really understand the process. The most commonly asked question is “How long does the treatment last?” and “How durable is the treatment?”.

To answer this question accurately you must bring the level of traffic and the level of cleaning/vacuuming into the equation. Some people who have their carpets treated believe that it never needs vacuuming ever again! Exactly the opposite is true. The more you vacuum the longer the treatment lasts because abrasive grit is removed. It’s the abrasive grit and sand that wears off the protective finish along with the carpet fibre. Because of its lubricating effect (lubricity) FIBRELOC treated carpets are more resistant to abrasive wear and they feel softer.

On commercial office sites, vacuuming with a commercial upright vac at least 3 times per week will allow you to maintain an average commercial performance of at least four cleanings with WoolSafe approved extraction cleaning products. (pre-spray and water rinse).

In domestic sites, vacuuming with a high performance upright vacuum cleaner twice per week will allow you up to five cleans without re-application of FIBRELOC.

Extraction Cleaning

To enhance the performance of the FIBRELOC we recommended that only WoolSafe approved extraction presprays are used to preclean , followed by a hot water rinse . The Dry Fusion System is the preferred method. Dry powder cleaning is not recommended and high alkaline in tank extraction detergents (above ph 8.5) are to be avoided. These can reduce the performance of FIBRELOC as well as the carpet fibre.

Supplied as a Concentrate

FIBRELOC is supplied as a concentrate that may be diluted one to four parts water to dry carpet or one part to two parts water for damp carpet or upholstery that have just been wet cleaned or dry cleaned. There is no need to wait for the fibre to dry prior to spraying.

Directions for Application

After care market - In situ application:
Pre-clean the carpet by pre-spray and extraction as per normal. This is not necessary on new carpets.

Always use plastic equipment with FIBRELOC and always add water to FIBRELOC when diluting. Never add FIBRELOC to water.

Damp Carpet
(free of detergent residue.) Add to plastic bucket or sprayer 1LTR of FIBRELOC then add 2LTRS of water. Apply by non atomising spray or knapsack pump at the rate of two and a half litres mixed solution per 20 square metres of carpet. (Approximately 4.5 x 4.5 metres or the size of a small bedroom). Using a pump spray fitted with a flat spraying system 8004.

Dry Carpet (or new carpet)
Add to plastic bucket or sprayer 1LTR FIBRELOC then add four litres or water. Apply at the rate of four litres of mixed solution to 20sq metres. (Approx 4.5 x 4.5 metres carpet.)


The idea is to provide the most even application using the down and across method.

Apply by holding the nozzle at least 30cm (12”) above the carpet. If you have an 8004 flat jet fitted, apply half the measured volume in straight non overlapping strokes, then the other half by spraying across the direction of the previous pass. Use a pile rake to assist penetration into the fibre or a fresh pad and the Dry Fusion machine.

If you have a “Cone Jet” fitted to your prespray, apply liquid by moving the spray tip in a circular motion to allow even application by the same down and across method.

Upholstery Fabric (Dry Rolls)
Apply exactly as above (1 to 4 water) but reduce volume of solution approximately 1 Ltr per 10 square metres so that the fabric is wet through but not dripping. Liquid should be approximately 65% of the fibre weight. Application can be by foam, padding or spraying. Test for dye fastness prior to application on each particular fibre.

Upholstered Furniture

This market is one of the most neglected when it comes to carpet cleaners offering their clients cleaning combined with a fabric protection service. We believe FIBRELOC offers a very good market potential and improved customer satisfaction. Treated fabrics stay cleaner looking longer because vacuuming is more effective and spots and spills find it difficult to lodge between the warp and weft of the fibres.

Wiping with a dampened cloth immediately spills occur will invariably result in complete stain removal on dried spills. Unbelievable trigger spray spotter is a sure way to gain further customer contact and satisfaction. These can be sold to customers for continued carpet and upholstery maintenance.

Application Rates

Dry Fabric:
Apply at a 1 to 4 parts water solution at the rate of 1 LTR per 10 square metres.

Damp Fabric:
Apply to just cleaned fibres at the dilution of 1 part to two parts water applied at 500mls per 10 square metres.

Don’t forget to adjust the volume to the fibre thickness. Thin cotton requires less volume than a dralon velvet for instance.

Mill Application

Again, no need to vary the concentration just the volume per square metre depending on pile height or fibre density. The normal dry dilution (1 to 4 parts water) is the same in every case. Our technicians can work with individual mills to set up the production line to produce the best results whether cold or hot curing.

Stability of mixed Fibreloc

Premix can be stored for up to 36 hours. It must NEVER be used after this period.


Always store in cool area with the lid tightly closed. Do not allow the product to freeze. Freezing destroys Fibreloc activity. Never store in motor vehicles during winter.

Click here to download the Fibreloc Material Safety Data Sheet