Citrafresh Carpet Extraction Shampoo

Citrus Resources
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Citrafresh, a carpet extraction prespray concentrate with natural deodorant action, highly biodegradable, high performance. Nothing will outperform CITRAFRESH on greasy carpet soils.


Cuts through filthy mess solubilising heavy stains and food spills
The ideal natural alternative due to general concerns over using harsh chemicals to clean
Safe for use on all carpet and rug fibres
Deodorises as you clean leaving a lingering orange aroma
Multi-purpose application
Highly concentrated economical formulation
Enhanced biodegradability
Reduced environmental impact as product does not contain artificial preservatives
pH: 9.4 - 9.8

It is safe on all carpet fibres including fine silk rugs, and woollen carpet commonly found in hotels. Also suitable as a front loader laundry detergent.

The Carpet Industry Fight Back Product

For the first time in Australia, the carpet cleaning industry can do something about the thousands of litres of non-biodegradable waste that it disposes of every day.

Every litre of carpet waste contains hard detergent, phosphate and even petroleum solvent and dirt that do nothing for the environment except destroy it.

CITRUS RESOURCES has done something about this problem with a highly biodegradable, high performance prespray and spotter for carpet. It offers exciting new prospects for the future of the carpet industry because the price of the job may not be the reason they chose you.

Using this product will mean you are doing something about the ecological problem and we know your customers will appreciate it.

Unmatched Cleaning Performance

Using natural orange oil solvent (D-Limonene) and citrus oils, plus vegetable oil based detergents, you will find nothing that will outperform it on the greasiest soil in restaurants or the hardest to clean acrylic carpet. It cuts through filthy mess like a knife, with special additives that solubilise heavy staining and food spills - you won’t believe the wide range performance. SAFETY: Being low in pH and meeting all the criteria and specifications of AS 3733 means it is safe on all carpet fibres whether it be the finest Chinese silk rug, the grubbiest new generation nylon carpet or a beer soaked hotel woollen carpet.

Super Economy in Dilution

CITRAFRESH, used as a prespray, offers dramatic cost savings to the carpet cleaner in time and chemical usage. In fact, 95% of your work will require a prespray dilution of only 1 part to 15 parts water - and that is high economy.

Carpet Spotting

CITRAFRESH CARPET EXTRACTION PRESPRAY can be diluted 1 part to 5 parts water to make a general purpose spotter and heavy duty, safe soil lifter for extra heavy duty stains and dried protein spills like eggs and gravy. Your use of other spotters is greatly minimised as this one product does just about everything.

Unmatched Natural Aroma - Deodorise as you Clean

The aroma is the key to your selling of the natural product concept to your customers - it will keep them coming back, time after time.

Imagine the natural aroma of orange, left behind to remove odours like the “wet dog” smell of damp wool or flooded carpets, CITRAFRESH CARPET PRESPRAY will even destroy the smell of old cooking odours in carpet.


Technology has shown us that natural fragrance oils make people feel good - so it is bound to win you repeat business.

There is less likelihood of nasal irritation or allergies from this prespray due to the natural fragrances rather than synthetics made from petroleum bases.

Low Usage Cost

Most presprays of low pH need to be diluted 1 to 10 parts water to obtain good results. The reserve cleaning power of CITRFRESH CARPET PRESPRAY enables dilutions of 1 to 15 parts water. There is no need for chemicals to be added to the cleaning solution tank and injected. CITRAFRESH as a prespray is all that is required so it saves you money and you will never have these solution pump clogging or damaged due to chemical addition.

Cleaning Tips for Best Results

Prespray 2 or 3 rooms prior to setting up equipment, this allows the cleaning solution time to work so you won’t.
When soiling is heavy, don’t use stronger solution in your prespray tank; just spray heavier so that more volume is used.
A “new generation” nylon carpet or stain treated carpet, rinse water should not be above 70 Deg C.
On heavily coffee stained carpet or carpet with heavily tracked areas, add 40 gms (2 scoops) POWER PLUS to a hot prespray solution of CITRAFRESH and water.
On Tudor series II or Designer Choice carpet, you will require the addition of 50 gms Citric Acid to 5 litres of prespray mix to prevent darkening of the fibre. This happens with any chemical used on these fibres. Ensure you do not overlap each stroke of the wand.

Prespray Dilutions:
1 to 15 parts cold water (500 ml to 7 litres) in prespray unit fitted with flat-tip 8004 jet.

Extra Heavy Soilage:
Add POWER PLUS (Research Products) (Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs) 40 gms per 8 litres of hot water 60-70 Deg. C.

1 to 5 parts water (100 ml CITRAFRESH to 500 ml water) in trigger spray makes a brilliant general daily spotter for contract cleaners, hospitals and the home. Just spray, agitate and rinse with water. Stains will not recur either.


Suitable detergent for front loading washing machine.


CITRAFRESH prespray's surface active agents (detergents) meet the Australian biodegradability and O.E.C.D. screening test 301 E.


This product contains no artificial colour, preservatives or perfume. It contains no preservatives that would otherwise slow down its biodegradability. Please keep lid tightly closed when not in use and store in a cool dry place.