Accu Dose

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Hydro’s Push Button Proportioners represent the latest in chemical management systems, automatically diluting solutions into spray bottles, mop buckets, auto scrubbers or other containers simply at the touch of a button.

 These units eliminate manual mixing, so employee preparation time is drastically reduced. Models are available in stainless steel or molded plastic. Accudose and Streamline models are available with three types of eductors.

  • Hydro's E-Gap eductors, which provide backflow protection through use of an elastomeric sleeve. (ASSE 1055B Approved.)
  • Hydro's patented HydroGap II air gap eductors, which use a one inch gap of air between the water source and the chemical inlet to provide backflow protection.  (ASSE 1055B Approved.)
  • Standard eductors with hose bibb vacuum breakers.