Nilfisk VHB436 Battery-Powered Vacuum Cleaner

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The Nilfisk VHB436 Battery-Powered Vacuum Cleaner redefines industrial cleaning by combining cordless convenience with unbeatable performance.

Designed to provide top-notch performance and filtration abilities, this cordless wonder introduces the power of mobility and efficiency to your cleaning routine.

With the Nilfisk Lithium-ion battery, the VHB436 offers the freedom to move around and clean without constraints to reach high-traffic areas and maintain efficiency.
Moreover, you don't even have to sacrifice performance for cordless convenience. The VHB436 maintains the exceptional cleaning power and filtration standards that Nilfisk is known for.

Different environments come with unique needs. That's why the VHB436 has various options, including stainless steel with other disposal systems like a Bagging system or plastic bag system.

Available variants:
Nilfisk VHB436 Battery-Powered Vacuum Cleaner
Nilfisk VHB436 Battery-Powered Vacuum Cleaner
Nilfisk AS6690T Large Walk Behind Scrubber/Dryer

-Fast-charging, modular design for quick charging to allow users to clean continuously without disruption
-Cordless design to reduce the risk of accidents in congested settings
-HEPA filtering system (optional) helps in safely retaining small particles
-Longopac® system allows for zero-contact disposal of collected waste, whether wet or dry
-Cleaning can be done in places without electricity or where wires provide a danger of becoming tangled
-For floor-to-ceiling dust and debris control, a dedicated accessory range with an optional accessory holder and an optional lifting bracket is available