Nilfisk SC UNO 5N-200/1050L Industrial Stationary Cold Pressure Washer

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The Nilfisk SC UNO 5N-200/1050L Industrial Stationary Cold Pressure Washer is a versatile and powerful cleaning solution that revolutionizes traditional cleaning methods in tackling heavy-duty cleaning challenges.

This range offers a spectrum of models from the 5M and 5M L to the 6P, 7P, and 8P to ensure the perfect match for your cleaning needs.

Their innovative rugged foam cabinet that meets stringent hygienic standards, particularly in the food industry, sets the SC UNO models apart. This foam material helps reduce noise, making these models ideal for environments such as agriculture with milking sheds, sties, and stables, and the food and pharmaceutical industry with processing equipment, conveyors, and tanks.

If you want a product that will give you superior cleaning results, choose Nilfisk SC UNO 5N-200/1050L Industrial Stationary Cold Pressure Washer.

Customizable for your needs:
-Choose a basic or model with extra features
-Extra features include the following: a full stainless steel frame, a high-pressure detergent injector, a coin box, a water brake tank, an accessory storage kit for dry run or low water safety, and an inlet water safety kit.
-Can be further customized with PCB electronic controls to enable add-ons like frost protection, coin boxes, and remote control
-May have optional add-ons such as water break tank and BA Valve (as per requirement of EU Standard 1717)

SC UNO 6P, 7P, and 8P - Performance quality
-High-quality heavy industrial motor pumps with NA6, C3, and new NA6+ brass pump heads
-four (4) complete ceramic pistons, double roller bearings at 1450 rpm
-Its industrial pumps allow hot water intake to be sent to the units for a maximum of 70°C (with break tank) to 85°C (direct feed) for a more efficient cleaning experience

SC UNO 5M Light - Task customization
-Powered by an enclosed 50 Hz, 1450 rpm motor
-NA5.2 reinforced wobble disc pump
-Three (3) ceramic pistons and brass pump head
-Detergent foam sprayer for use on SC UNO 5M L
-Accessory kit for plug-and-play use

SC UNO 5M Basic includes:
-Warning bulb and low pump oil safety feature
-Hour counter
-The NEO control system enables extra features like remote control and low water safety.