Chemitek Lichen Removal Agent

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Chemitek Lichen Removal Agent is formulated from biodegradable ingredients to ensure that it does not contain harmful chemicals that can cause adverse reactions to you, your panels or the environment.

Made to simplify your cleaning process!

No more tedious scraping or scrubbing! LRA quickly breaks down and dissolves lichens, fungi, and moss so you can rinse them away.

These stubborn growths can significantly reduce the efficiency of your panels as it blocks sunlight, hindering them from producing ample amounts of energy. With Chemitek Lichen Removal Agent, you can effectively remove them and restore your panels to their peak performance, maximising your energy output and saving you more money.

It is the best long-term solution you will ever need. Chemitek Lichen Removal Agent not only removes current regrowth but also helps prevent its recurrence. Its innovative formula creates an environment that discourages the regrowth of lichens, fungi, and moss–talk about saving more time and energy from you.