Chemitek Cement Removal Agent

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Chemitek Cement Removal Agent is the answer you have been waiting for. Say goodbye to tedious and endless scraping and scratching, and say hello to effortless and effective maintenance.

This environmentally safe cement removal agent is more potent than you think. Alkaline contaminants such as cement, limestone, gypsum, and stone dust can drastically reduce the efficiency of your solar panel by obstructing sunlight. With Chemitek Cement Removal Agent, you can easily dissolve these stubborn contaminants and restore your solar panels to their prime condition and maximum efficiency.

Formulated with biodegradable ingredients, the Chemitek Cement Removal Agent ensures that your solar panels are not only clean but you are using a chemical agent that is also environmentally safe to use.

The truest value for your money; the only perfect long-term solution you will ever need. The cement removal agent doesn’t just eliminate the alkaline contaminants; it also helps prevent them from recurring. Its gentle yet innovative formula creates an environment that hinders the reappearance of cement, limestone, gypsum, and stone dust–providing lasting protection for your solar panels