Bissell SpotClean Max Cleaner

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The BISSELL SpotClean Max Cleaner is a highly efficicent and silent portable deep cleaner that is designed to combat even the most stubborn spots and stains.

Its powerful combination of specially formulataed BISSELL cleaning solutions, it is capable of removing it all with its robust scrubbing action and potent suction, whether it's spills, embedded dirt, or any other kind of soft surface mess. Its compact size and lightweight designmakes it incredibly easy to maneuver and clean even the hard-to-reach areas, makingit the perfect cleaning partner for your everyday needs.


-3" Tough Stain Tool helps clean carpets, upholstery, and auto interiors effortlessly -6" Tough Stain Tool is recommended for larger areas
-SpotClean Max has separate chambers for clean water and formula, eliminating the need for guesswork as it automatically mixes the two
-NEW Rinse Mode allows for water-only cleaning
-Auto-Mix Feature enables water only rinse
-The Hydrorinse™ Self-Cleaning Hose Tool allows easy cleaning of the hose after each use
-Compact design makes storage easy
-Comes with 2.4 m hose to provide extended reach for easy multi-surface cleaning

Hose length 2.4m
Wattage 360W
Power cord length 4.5m
Weight 5.7kg
Water tank capacity 2.4L
Surface cleaning Upholstery, carpet, rugs, stairs & auto interiors