Ez Fill Soap Dispenser Multi - Feed Remote Control Foam Vanity

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Constructed of chrome plated spout and AC power operated, hands-free sensor housing with a highly polished finish over all surfaces. LED indicates function on face front. Foam soap supply shall be from EZ Fill Vanity Mounted Top-Fill Port and Multi-Feed Tank (supplied separately).

Install spout and sensor housing to vanity deck with anti-rotation kit escutcheon flange, rubber washers and basin nut (supplied) through 28.5mm Dia mounting hole and 4mm Dia adjacent hole for anti-rotation pin of escutcheon flange. Connect flex tubing from soap dispenser head to fitting on top of foam compressor. Connect com plug from dispenser head to com socket from foam compressor. Mount pump assembly with wall bracket to convenient structure under vanity within 610mm of L-fitting on foam compressor bottom with two (2) screws and wall anchors (supplied). Connect flex tubing from L-fitting on air compressor to fitting on top of pump assembly. Connect com plug from foam compressor to com socket from pump assembly. Connect clear soap supply flex tubing (provided attached to fitting on pump assembly) to one of six available connectors on Model № 0390 Multi-Feed tank (supplied separately) so that tube end is just above bottom of tank. Plug AC Adapter into power outlet located under vanity within 412cm of pump assembly and plug connector into mating inline power connector. See OM & IG provided in box with unit for complete installation details.

System shall operate each time an object is positioned within the sensing range of 30mm to 100mm ± 10mm directly in front of the spout of the dispenser. A stream of foam soap will be pumped from the nozzle during each activation. Optional remote control unit Model № 0393-R (supplied {one (1) per six (6) pack} or order separately) will allow owner programming of alternate dispense amounts and simplify priming when refilling Multi-Feed tank (not supplied, order separately) for initial setup and soap-out conditions. See Model № 0393-R Spec Sheet and Owner’s Manual for complete description of functions. Unit will dispense foam soap while AC adapter is connected and correct viscosity soap is present in the tank and system is correctly maintained to enable dispensing (LED is not flashing continuously or does not remain dark when trigger attempt is made). LED will display flash for sensing. Manual priming fill button on pump runs motor (or use 0393-R) for easy soap priming. System shall allow filling soap from top of vanity without requiring access under vanity. Up to six (6) individual dispensers will draw soap from tank as required to operate until supply is depleted. Unused transfer ports in tank cap are blocked with solid plugs (provided) to prevent overflow, contamination and evaporation. Soap is manually replenished on service interval determined by maintenance schedule. See OM & IG for complete description of Features and Operations.

NOTE: Soap supply shall be from Model № 0390 EZ FILL™ Top-Fill Multi-Feed Kit (supplied separately) with capacity of 6L of soap containing no abrasives or particulates

Viscosity Range 1-100
pH Range 5.5 ~ 8.5