Ez Fill Remote Control for Liquid Soap Dispenser

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Allows programming of all individual dispenser units from one hand held remote. Adjusts the soap dispenser setting from one of four presets. Temporarily shuts off auto dispensation function to perform cleaning or filling. Can reset to factory settings.

Unit is supplied with batteries and requires no service maintenance. Keep in dry location. Key fob hole allows unit to be hung on hook or key ring.

Remote is compatible with all EZ Fill™ Soap Dispenser units to adjust programmed dispense amount. Two (2) sector buttons with dual functions allow selection of dispense volume ranges, identified as “1”, “2”, “3”, “4”
with droplet icon. Separate button, marked “ADJ”, resets unit to factory default condition. An additional feature is EZ Fill™ assist pump priming after soap refill by button press “FILL”. Continuous run mode (1 minute
time-out unless “FILL” pressed again to terminate cycle) facilitates delivery of fresh soap to dispenser. Button press “ON-OFF” suspends operation for 1 minute or until button repressed to restore operation. Hold remote directly in front of sensor to avoid possible interference with adjacent dispenser units, at a distance of 127mm ± 25mm to button-press initiate any of the commands. Each successful command implementation will be confirmed by LED flashes. Refer to Owner’s Manual (supplied with unit) for complete description of LED flash codes and features.