Soap Dispenser Horizontal Liquid 1.18L Surface Mounted

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Satin stainless steel finish. Can dispense liquid or lotion soap, synthetic detergent or antibacterial soap. Features a push-button valve, tamper-resistant level window and hinged refill door which is opened with a special key (provided).

Unit is surface mounted to wall or partition with a wall mounting plate (supplied) and screws (by others). Unit is se-cured to interlocking wedge bracket and locked in place by a locking screw (supplied) installed through hinged refill door. For mounting height standards refer to current Building Code of Australia for able bodied and/or disabled use.

Push button to dispense soap. Unit is refilled through hinged door at top requiring special key (supplied) to open. Soap tank will continue to feed properly until soap level is below valve intake port. Tank supply is replenished manually on cycle determined by maintenance needs.

Viscosity Range 100 – 3500
pH Range 5.5 ~ 8.5