Diggers Water Based Degreaser

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Diggers Water Based Degreaser is a powerful, heavy duty degreaser specially formulated to penetrate and dissolve built-up oil, grease and grime.

Near neutral pH
Non corrosive
Easy to use – simply brush on and hose off
Readily biodegradable

Typical Uses:
Oil and grease removerDriveways, garage floors, walls, pavers
Motorcycle and car engines
Tools, machinery and trailers


Grease and Oil Removal

1. Remove excess grease and oil.
2. Brush or spray on liberally and let soak for a few minutes. For stubborn patches or stains, brush vigorously.
Hose off with water..

General Cleaning

Dilute 1 part degreaser to 10 parts water. Safety:
Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye/face protection when using this product.