Sabco Rinse n Wring No Touch Complete Flat Mop Set

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Mop your floor with ease, hand free-rinsing and wringing with Sabco's Rinse n Wring Complete Flat Mop Set.

Innovative dual chamber bucket with power blade technology allows you to effectively rinse and wring your mop.

☑ Hands-free and hygienic.
☑ Box includes mop, bucket, and two microfibre pads.
☑ Perfect for timber, vinyl, and tiles.
☑ Compact slimline design.
☑ 5 litre capacity bucket (washing side).

Care Instructions:

1. Machine wash or hand wash in warm water then hang to dry.
2. DO NOT tumble dry – drip dry only
3. DO NOT use fabric softener – this may damage the pads fibres

Change Pad Instructions:

1. Match the end of the mop pad pockets to the end of the mop head with the hooks.
2. Thread hooks onto three pockets
3. Align and press pad onto hook and loop base of the mop head until smooth and secure.