Unger Ninja Transformer Box Premium Window Cleaning Kit

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High quality, unique coloured box, featuring UNGER limited edition tools
• Telescopic carbon pole, 1.5m (NEW PRODUCT)
• ErgoTec Ninja Squeegee 35cm (LIMITED EDITION)
• ErgoTec Ninja Washer 35cm with new Power Microfibre
• Black Mini Scraper 4cm with plastic blade (LIMITED EDITION)

Carbon Traditional Pole 1.5m:• Attractive Design• Extra light, yet extremely stiff
• Ideal for cool and wet working conditions - keeps fingers warmer than aluminium poles
• Comfortable to hold
• Widely compatible (works with ErgoTec, Ninja, Sörbo)
• Complete with Ergotec Locking cone

Ninja Squeegee + Washer:

• Ergonomic two component handle in exclusive green & black
• Extruded High Tech T6 Aluminium channel (high tensile strength)
• 40° head angle and 180° swivel function for working with a telescopic pole

• Ergonomic two component handle in exclusive green & black
• Power Microfibre Sleeve with ultimate cleaning performance
• 20% higher water absorption than industry standard microfibre sleeves
• Machine washable & suitable for tumble drying

Scraper with plastic blade:

• Handy plastic scraper with special locking mechanism
• 4cm wide double sided plastic blade - scratch resistant to sensitive surfaces
• Extremely handy – fits everywhere.