Hagleitner Integral 4Plus Dispenser - Advanced Dishwashing System

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Hagleitner Intergral 4Plus is a true ware washing gamechanger. It combines highly concentrated cleaners for dishes and glasses, highly concentrated rinse-aid, and a truly innovative dosing system that is as efficient as it is intelligent.

One 2.6L cartridge of detergent can perform up to 1,500 washes thanks to a patented formula and best of all, INTEGRAL 4PLUS includes an intuitive app that connects via Bluetooth™ to provide its user with both real time data and remote assistance on-the-go. Now that’s smart!

How many dishes have been washed? How much water being used? Is the cleaner running out? Hagleitner will let you know.

In fact, Hagleitner can troubleshoot in real time, and make available via email a comprehensive data-driven report to help plan for future cleaning requirements. Now that’s convenient!

Without interruption, and without incident, INTEGRAL 4PLUS truly is the most intelligent dosing system in its class.

Integral 4Plus Benefits:

Highly Concentrated

Less weight, less effort, and more space in your storage area.


Only one cleaner required for dishes and glasses.


Just one 2.6L cartridge of detergent can perform up to 1,500 washes.

Properly Measured

Water and cleaning agents are mixed in the precise proportions.


The intuitive app acts before something happens.

Never Empty

A reserve tank means no interruptions.


integral 4PLUS uses RFID technology to make product mix-ups impossible.


Wall or under-the-counter mounting.

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