Hagleitner Hygienic Des 2Go Neutral Surface Disinfectant 2.6L

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Hagleitner Hygienic Des 2Go is an unscented, commercial grade disinfectant with a broad microbiological efficacy spectrum against pathogens of practical relevance, and is proven effective against COVID-19 in 90 seconds.

• Universally applicable surface disinfectant
• Applicable in the industrial food processing, in the area of hotel & catering, health & care
• Manually applicable
• Ideal for pre-soaking of mop covers (i.h.s. System)
• Odorless and non-irritating, also suitable for sensitive surfaces
• Broad spectrum of antibacterial action
• Tested and certified according to ÖGHMP / VAH

HygienicDES 2GO is registered with ÍGHMP and DGHM/VAH, and suitable for soaking of mop covers (i.h.s. system).

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