Hagleitner Sanitary 2Go Lime Solving Sanitary Cleaner 2.6L

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Hagleitner Sanitary 2Go is a concentrated sanitary cleaner for use with the integral 2GO dispenser.

• Powerful acid cleaner with pearl effect and brilliant deep shine• Suitable for wet-room areas like toilets, washbasins, tiles, fittings• Machine and manually applicable• Ideal for pre-soaking of mop covers (i.h.s. System)• Fresh fruity lemon fragrance

Field of application | use:

Powerful sanitary cleaner for the daily maintenance cleaning. Creates a waterrepelling and deep shine effect on the surfaces as well as a fresh and fruity lemon scent. Suitable for fittings.

The application solution can only be prepared with the integral 2GO dispenser.
Choose best dosage according to the pictogram displayed on the dispenser.

Safety information:
When handling chemicals apply standard safety measures. Always read product charcteristics before use. Keep away from children.

Keep container closed. Store at room temperature to retain product quality.

Product recommendation:
Highest yield: 1 multiFILL cartridge produces up to 833 liters of ready application solution.

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