Hagleitner Integral 2Go Dispenser

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Hagleitner Integral 2Go Dispenser is the most precise device in its class. Powerful high concentrates, unique design and state-of-the-art technology, perfectly dosed. Your benefits at a glance.

✅ Choose from six highly concentrated cleaning agents for cleaning and disinfecting a wide range of surfaces.

✅ Intuitive touch screen display makes operation simple.

✅ Precise, automatic dosing ensures the right concentration regardless of water presure.

✅ So efficient that one 2.6L cartridge can provide up to 1,300 litres-to-use solution.

It ensures the exact dosage of detergent independent of water pressure, viscosity and temperature, which significantly reduces unnecessary water waste costs commonly associated with similar systems.


Operation through the devices touch display is simple, intuitive and language-neutral. Operating errors are virtually eliminated.


The seven products save a lot of  storage space. It's not only practical,  it's neat too.


Overdosing and underdosing belong to the past. Whether you fill bottles, buckets or cleaning machines, the prepared application solution is always precisely dosed. A variance in dosing is made impossible. With integral 2GO, you have the costs under control.


The integral 2GO dosing unit must be fi lled with the appropriate 2.6 L multiFILL cartridge. Product mix-up is ruled out by RFID technology. For you, this means simple handling and safety in your daily work. Fulfills the drinking water protection device according to EN 1717, no chemicals gets into your drinking water supply through back suction.


With seven products you can clean and disinfect all areas. And with an excelent value for money. From one multiFILL cartridges, up to 1300 L ready-made application solution can be produced.


Always ready to use because no technician is needed to perform maintenance. Simply scan the QR code on the display and you will be able to identify the message


integral 2GO as part of the innovative cleaning system i.h.s, working in a single-stage wiping process with pre-soaked textiles.

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