Waredose 35 Simple and Safe Chemical Dosing System

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Waredose 35 is a compact, simple and safe chemical dosing system for dosing detergent and rinse aid combined into professional warewash machines. Its easy installation and intuitive programming offers the best solution for small and medium size warewash machines, like hood and conveyor machines.

Features and Benefits:
- SEKO patented auto calibrating dosing method for detergent
- Outer casing features integrated front keys for rapid access
- Self-holding hinge allows for easy access to pumps
- 3 rollers and big ball bearing on the motor shaft interface guarantee improved axial effort enhancing both tube and motor lifespan by 15% - 20%
- Edgeless squeeze rollers make tube replacement safer
- Tube replacement time cut by up to 50%
- Large fixing bracket with safety release lever guarantees easy and accurate installation
- High grade plastic hinge and polyurethane seals provide IP65 classification

WareDose 35 offers patented SEKO technology for auto calibration of the detergent. The system takes a snapshot of the conductivity in the wash tank of the machine soon after each priming charge. The system uses this value as the set-point to be reached every time the WASH signal is present on the dedicated input.

The conductivity “snapshot” is taken when the priming charge has finished and the DET pump has stopped dosing. After 5 seconds without any active signal, the system acquires the conductivity value and selects it as set-point.

Since the conductivity value to be reached is saved after each prime charge, the system automatically accounts for every possible variable in the system (dirty probe, different conductivity values of clean water etc) and will work to reach the same known conditions reached at the prime charge at each washing cycle.