Clax 200 24A2 Booster - Industrial Soils Liquid Surfactant Booster 15L

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Clax 200 24A2 Booster is a concentrated liquid surfactant booster based on a blend of surfactants and contains

• Excellent performance on fatty and oily items.
• Good foam control properties thus optimal use of washer mechanical action.
• Ensures fabric whiteness (efficient optical brightener).

Clax 200 contains an optical brightener for application at all temperatures, which is stable in the presence of chlorine bleach

Recommended Dosage: Soil level Dosage      (ml/kg dry goods)
Light                        0.5 - 2.0
Medium                    2.0 - 5.0
Heavy                      3.0 - 6.0
Technical Specifications Appearance : Clear Colourless Liquid
pH [1% solution]  6.9
Relative Density [20°C]   0.97
Viscosity [mPa.s; 25°C]    60

The above data is typical of normal production and should not be taken as a specification.