OMO Professional Top & Front Loader Laundry Powder

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OMO Professional Laundry Powder (Active Clean) with AMAZING stain removal and built in pre-treaters! It attacks tough stains and dirt with enzyme power. Brightens and whitens fabrics leaving a fresh fragrance with every wash. Our advanced formulation is suitable for both top and front loaders.

Tough on Stains*:
• Oil
• Grease
• Mud
• Grass
• Chocolate ice cream
• Tea
• Coffee
• Wine
• Tomato sauce

Types of Fabrics:
• Cotton
• Polycotton
• Polyester

Directions for use:
TOP/FRONT Loading Washing Machine:
Normal Loads = 1 scoop. Large Loads/Hard Water = 1½ scoops.
Add powder into your top/front loading machine as directed above, add clothes, select wash cycle, then start your machine.

SOAKING: BUCKET: ½ scoop per 5 Litre MACHINE: 1 scoop – Fill machine as per normal load & pause cycle once full. Soak in highest water temperature recommended on clothes care label. Soak for at least 30 minutes or soak overnight for tough stains. Note: For blood stains only, soak in cold water.

DO’S: Use the recommended dosage, follow the clothes care label. Sort clothes according to colours/care labels, Wash non-colourfast clothes separately. Deal with stains promptly in warm water. Wash and dry colours inside out to keep them brighter.

DON’TS: Avoid overloading the machine. Don’t add chlorine bleach. Don’t soak non-colourfast items. Not suitable for silk, wool or other delicate fabrics.