Drive Professional Front and Top Loader Laundry Powder

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Drive Professional Laundry Powder removes tough stains and attacks dirt with enzyme power! It whitens and brightens, yet is gentle on
fabrics. Leaving a fresh fragrance with every wash. Our advanced formulation is suitable for both top and front loaders.

Directions For Use: For Normal Load = 1 ½ scoops. For Large Load = 2 Scoops. Add powder into your machine or dispenser before starting your machine. To get the best results from your washing machine always use the right amount of laundry powder. Follow the clothes care label. Not Suitable for silk and wool. Suitable for Front Loader & Top Loader machines.

  • Suitable for top and front loaders, domestic and commercial
  • Attacks dirt with enzyme power
  • Whitens and brightens, yet is gentle on fabrics