Powersan Hand Rub and Surface Disinfectant 80% Food Grade Ethanol Spray

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You work at a workstation other people can access, you serve a customer at your etfpos terminal and suddenly they sneeze,  you drive a forklift on shift work, your company car has just been in for a service, your walking down a set of common stairs using the hand rail. You clean 300 desks a night and the company need you to comply with a Heavy Duty clean. These are just a few scenarios where this product is the best answer. Simply put, it is recognised by WHO 80% standards to effectively kill all nasties if used in the proper manner.

Why have a Gel and Liquid spray? well the answer is simple. Gels are for your hands which after rubbing, creates ventilation and friction. This dries your hand and kills viruses. These are great for high risk areas where having 80% Grade highly flammable liquid is probably not the best idea. Such as a bar in a brawler of a pub.

There is a better way of self-assurance and literally bathing in germ killing brew. This is our very high grade 80% Ethanol, in fact you can use it on food preparation surfaces, as it don’t smell like coal wash or 2 stroke petrol.
Having this by your side really shows your serious about a Code Red situation.

Simply mist down your work area and let evaporate. This next comment is for the dummies > DO NOT MIST DOWN ANYWHERE NEAR A FLAME OR IGNITION POINT. Like "Sanitising the proper way for DUMMIES" that’s a book we think.

So you can spray an area, wipe it evenly with a cloth you have sprayed also, because we don’t want to make the surface dry. Why not? you ask . Well let me grab your ear for a second. I was selling away one bright and sunny Covid morning, when I had these 2 dudes come into my shop. they were not your average, hey man give me something. I honestly thought the FBI had sent these two to arrest me. Turns out they were a doctor and a scientist. I attract all sorts  So to finish up real quickly, they schooled me on Covid / Diseases/ Future bad stuff . They told me that if you apply your alcohol spray and wipe it off, it’s a waste. You must leave it there for 1 minute – 2 minutes to “ EVAPORATE “ only though the E process does this stuff work. So there you go, a free tip from me to you via these formal people I thought worked for the Men in Black.
In summary, follow our warning notices on the labels.

OH  , the best part .. these sprays can be used in many different spray bottles we have on sale. Dispensers that can handle this formula, Floor mounted, wall mounted,  and personal packs. A great tip is to mount a dispenser near your Gym equipment, workstation, operations bench, sales bench. Then you san spray this at will onto a disposable tissue or wipe  then wipe the areas. Do Not dry DUMMIES ( book referral )  just spread the high grade ethanol over surfaces and allow to evaporate.
Then after a minute or two, you can wipe any excess off with a clean dry cloth. Bingo. Clean. oh, and just before you put the spray away, give your hands a dose and rub them, Best thing since sliced bread. its 80% Food grade ethanol. Not for eating!

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