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Changing from traditional floor cleaning methods to Twister Pad is easy. The Twister pads come in all sizes and will fit all cleaning machines on the market, meaning no need to invest in new cleaning machines or new routines.

With Twister, all you need is water, which makes the cleaning process safer and simpler for the operator. In the pad overview below you can find the different Twister floor cleaning and maintenance pads together with instructions for how to use them.

Choose the right Twister pad color for your floor and task and follow the instructions in the Twister methods guide.

Using Twister every day provides a high and even floor quality 365 days per year.

The pad overview below shows all of our pads together with a brief description.


Twister Green - for All Floors
Twister Pink  - For uncoated floors with an extra demand for high gloss in high traffic areas.
Twister Blue - Uncoated floors in high traffic areas.
Twister Orange - Homogenous ceramic tiles.
Twister Purple - Coated floors, soft floor finishes. Non-homogenous ceramic tiles.
Twister Gray - Burnishing and extra gentle cleaning of coated floors.


Twister Yellow - Periodic maintenance cleaning and second step of the upgrade procedure.
Twister White - Deep cleaning and first step of the upgrade procedure.
Twister Orange - Deep cleaning and 1st step of the upgrade in high traffic areas (Uncoated floors).
Twister Red - Deep cleaning, top-scrubbing and preparation for any upgrade procedure.


Twister Hybrid Red - Honing of stains and orange peel on stone natural stone floors, Terrazzo and concrete. Prepares and smoothens the surface for any of the upgrade procedures.

Twister Extreme Red - Stripping, stain and etch repair and light honing.

Twister Hybrid Black - For heavy honing of stone with scratches, slight lippage or grave orange peel.

Features and Benefits:

Safer indoor environments - Twister creates safer, cleaner environments for everyone.
Twister diamond pads makes daily, chemical free, machine cleaning possible which results in cleaner and safer indoor environments and working conditions for both associates and visitors.
- No chemicals equates to a better working environment

Increased cost-efficiency - With Twister, the need for floor cleaning chemicals in daily cleaning is completely eliminated. Provides higher, longer lasting results, periodic floor maintenance is in most cases not needed any more.

Better for the environment -  sustainable, chemical free floor cleaning method that significantly reduces the use of floor cleaning consumables and creates several environmental benefits for you as well as your customers.
- 100% chemical free cleaning
- 66% floor pad use savings.
- 98% consumable weight reduction

Better Results - Due to the fact that Twister cleans and polishes the floor simultaneously, a sustainable and lasting high quality cleaning result is achieved. The result is so good that periodic floor maintenance in many cases no longer is necessary.