POWERSAN Hand Sanitiser Gel – Available in Many Sizes and for Dispensers

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Hand Sanitising has become the new normal for everyone. But watch out. Our hand sanitiser is premium quality, made only with premium food grade 70% + ethanol. As we all need to sanitise regularly, the need for high quality is now demanded. The smell should be a good indicator of the quality. Combined with regular use of our antibacterial hand soap, you can be confident while at the same time be gentle on your skin. There are a range of dispensing options also available. Automatic or manual wall mounted or floor stands.

Some poor-quality solvents used during the early 2019 crisis got the job done. Just because something smells strong, does not mean it meets the WHO World Health Organisations guidelines Now we are coming back and using more often, the smell will be irritating, and using a poor-quality solvent is likely to be more irritating to your skin. Given this fact, people will be less likely to use it as often. You simply need to purchase top quality for a variety of reasons. The minimum Strength is 80% for sprays and 70% for hand sanitizing gel, using Glycerin and emollients. We are proud to offer a top-quality product with consistent supply.
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