Klager Food Kitchen Air Pressure Sprayers for Food

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Klager Food and Kitchen Air Pressure Sprayers are appropriate and certified for use in the cleaning and disinfection of fittings and
equipment in industrial kitchens, canteens, abattoirs, butchers, as well as other production plants in the foodstuffs industry..

- A highly developed ergonomic spray head with a new ErgoGrip handle that has international patent protection, for longer periods of work or difficult to access areas.

- A fine spray pattern – smooth adjustment from a powerful jet to a fine spray mist
- An efficient pump mechanism with automatic security valve that is housed internally and therefore protected, and which means
there is no need for additional pumping from a maximum pressure of 3 bar (4 bar with the Pro 1.8 litre).
- Stable and tested pressure spray bottles with a transparent viewing strip (for 1.0 litres and 1.2 litres) and integrated fill level gauge