SYR Syrtex Colour Changers 341g

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Syrtex Colour Changers are another excellent innovation from SYR special SYRTEX blended yarn, looped end with band. These mops can last up to 3 months and are machine washable up to 90 degrees.

Available colours: Blue, Green, Red, Yellow

Syrtex Colour CHangers How to Use

How to Use Syrtex Colour Changers?

1. Three cleaning surfaces on the Changer mop. First it is a stayflat mophead, clean with the one side of the mop. Second clean with the other side of the mop.

2. Then with a sharp twist of the handle it becomes a round mop head with a third mopping surface.

3. On the underside of the mop there is a scourer pad to remove stubborn dirt and grime.