Brightlogic Commercial Laundry Membrane Pump

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The BrightLogic commercial laundry membrane pump is a laundry dosing system, which has been designed to deliver excellent flowrate consistency, even with highly viscous products. The membrane pump is self-priming and requires limited maintenance as no peristaltic pump changes are needed, resulting in cost-savings.

A membrane pump, also known as a diaphragm pump, uses the movement of a membrane and two valves to pump chemical. Asymmetric umbrella check valves allow directional flow through the pump. Due to their design, membrane pumps generally display good suction characteristics and can handle relatively viscous chemicals. With a 70mm effective diameter and 5mm stroke length, Brightwell
Dispensers' membrane can pump up to 1.5L/min.*
*Tested in laboratory with water. Further tests show a flow rate of 1000ml/min with a viscous product (viscosity 250cps).

Hardware Features:

- Configure any combination 1–10 pumps
- Advanced PCB hardware
- Brushless motors
- 16 x 4 character illuminated screen
- Wireless USB comms
- Easy add-on pump configuration
- Full range of accessories to suit your installation
- Full speed control on all pumps
- Formula select module available for easy access to programme selection
- Independently CE and UL approved

Software Features:
- Programme formula select with wash cycle names
- Bespoke access codes and screen text
- Twenty programmes as standard
- Auto formula select setting
- Prime and stop pumps from the formula select
- Chemical usage report including selectable date and time range feature
- Relay mode setting
- Engineers test screen to view signal inputs
- Multilingual programming
- Free programming software

Membrane Pump Max Flow Rate 1.5 L/min (water) 1.0 L/min (viscous product)
Materials Valve: Viton Extreme Viton EPDM
Connections BSP or NPT 3/6" female thread allows for 3rd party hosetails or quick-couplings
Compatibility BrightLogic Laundry range
IP Rating IP44
Voltage Frequency 100–240V AC / 50–60Hz
Current @25V H2: 0.32A
H4: 0.64A
H6 : 0.98A
H8 : 1.13A
H10: 1.62A
Power H2: 72W
H4: 144W
H6: 216W
H8: 288W
H10: 360W
Signal Supply 12–240V AC or DC
Outputs Flush Valve 24V DC, 1.25A (10W) max
Buzzer/Lamp 24V DC 500Ma, (10W) max
Flowrate max (100%) 1500ml per/min (Using water)
min (30%) 570ml per/min (Using water)
Control Circuitry 16 x 4 illuminated LCD display,
Programming via 9 external keypad keys,
Security access code
Motor Brushless 24V DC, 600mA
Enclosure Glass-Filled Polypropylene IP45
Installation Kit Available on request
Approvals EMC89/336/EEC
Dimensions (mm) H2 – 285 x 370 x 190
H4 – 285 x 730 x 190
H6 – 285 x 1090 x 190
H8 – 285 x 1450 x 190
H10 – 285 x 1810 x 190
Weight H2 – 3.4kg
H4 – 5.6kg
H6 – 7.8kg
H8 – 10kg
H10 – 12.2kg