Advantage Bagless Cyclone Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

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World's first commercial Bagless Cyclone Back pack Vacuum Cleaner, offers superior cleaning and savings for cleaners by eliminating clogging bag filters. Multi-cyclone together with antimicrobial filtration provides a high level of filtration with an added level of hygiene.

Features and Benefits:
- More versatile with a full complement of tools provided with each machine, every vacuuming task is achievable.
- Organic design, ergonomic by nature, delivering dynamic power, Advantage is the convergence of performance and vacuum cleaning technology, with an exciting human – machine symbiotic experience.
- Designed and manufactured locally you can depend on long term product and parts support.
- Left or right operation is achieved by rotating the tank 180 degrees.
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- Uses “patented” multi-cyclone filtration technology. The cyclones deliver 99.94% filtration efficiency
and the overall machine filtration efficiency is 99.98%. The technology provides consistent suction and eliminates use of costly filter bags. Dust pick is improved by 200-300% in comparison to bagged vacuums. For additional protection an antimicrobial odour control motor pre-filter is used to capture and eradicate any remaining microbes in the exhaust air. The filter is re-furbished by vacuuming or washing and accessible when the tank is removed.

- Rated at 900W Advantage uses a custom designed, high efficiency through flow 1600W vacuum motor
delivering peak suction at 25 kPa. The motor uses patented eternity carbon brushes for long life and is protected by an automatic quick reset thermal protector.

- Internal construction of the Advantage uses low friction, hydrophobic, antistatic, antibacterial plastics to resist dust adhesion, aid dust release, cleaning, and for bacteria propagation prevention.

- The waist pad uses hard and soft, resilient water-resistant foam for support and comfort. The foam is enveloped in endurance sweat guarded tough fabric, for better wear and to reduce risk of germ transmission when sharing equipment. The waist pad has an “on board” tool holder for convenience and uses a Velcro stretch design to fit all users. The shoulder pads are contoured and wrap around the shoulder for comfort. Full back support is provided for added comfort.

- The smart quick exchange cord restraint, reduces cord stretch and tangling. It is positioned away from the operator’s feet to reduce tripping.

- Quality “crush proof”, smooth bore, antibacterial, flexible hose reduces air flow losses, prevents dust sticking in the hose bore and eliminates smelly bacteria growth trapped in the hose corrugations. Using light weight stainless steel wands, corrosion failure is eliminated and strain on the operator is reduced. The swivel neck low profile EZ2GO floor tool self-adjusts to user height, and can used on carpeted and hard floor areas. The tool manoeuvres freely under low profiles, deep recesses, around obstacles without adjustment or change.

- A full compliment of tools such as swivel head dusting brush allows the operator to comfortably vacuum
horizontal and vertical surfaces and reach into corners. The crevice tool and upholstery tool compliment the cleaning accessories and the Tool Caddy provides added convenience.

- With consistent suction an inexpensive air driven turbine brush can be used to agitate the carpet pile for deep pile carpet cleaning. Advantage uses German quality Wessel-Werk TK 284 turbine brush customized for this machine.

- A simple button press releases dirt from the dust bin for easy emptying. The internal stainless steel Mesh Filter, allows easy fluff removal off the screen with a simple wipe from the micro fibre duster conveniently carried onboard with a Carabiner.

- Each machine is provided with 12 Motor Filters eliminating any short-term expenses. One motor filter is carried on board for quick exchange convenience.

- Advantage complies with Australian electrical safety standards and has been fully approved for electrical safety. Compliance can be verified on the ERAC National Certification Data Base website Key words are “Model 1572100”.

Capacity 5L
Weight 4.9Kg
Noise Level 74dB A

275 Watts

High Efficiency Through Flow 1600W
Peak Suction 25 kPa
Filters 12 Motor
Brush German quality Wessel-Werk TK 284 turbine brush