Oakwood Carpet and Fabric Cleaner 500ml

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Use Oakwood Carpet and Fabric Cleaner in removing dirt, grease, coffee, wine, chocolates, make-up stains for your carpets and soft furnishings. This powerful cleaning formulation is ideal for spot stain removal of old and new stains.

- Fragrance has been inspired by the clean mountain air in Tasmania, Australia.
- Removes dirt, grease, coffee, wine, chocolate and make-up stains.
- Tough on old and new stains.
- Excellent for wool, synthetic fibres, carpets & furnishings.
- Safe to use on all colours.

Directions for Use:

Always test in an inconspicuous area first.
- Remove excess soils or spills using a paper towel.
- Spray on the soiled area.
- Leave for 2 mins.
- Wipe and pat dry with a clean, white towel.
- For extra stubborn stains repeat process and agitate the stain during step 3 if necessary.
- Allow cleaned area to dry.
- Septic safe.