Oakwood Everyday Leather Wipes 170 x 300mm 20Pk

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Oakwood Everyday Leather Cleaning Wipes are convenient wipes formulated for surface cleaning, conditioning and ongoing protection of leather products in simple one easy step, leaving a fresh natural aloe vera fragrance.

- Suitable for spot cleaning dirty areas on leather surfaces.
- Get rid of dirt, grime, body oils and odours from leather surfaces.
- Enhances durability of leather surface.
- Each wipe covers large surface areas.
- Tested & Guaranteed to a Registered, International Leather Care ISO Quality System.

Use this superior wipe saturated with high levels of moisturisers leaving your leather surface clean, fresh and protected!

Recommended Use:

Old and new fine leather lounges.
Leather jackets, handbags, belts, shoes and other accessories.
Antique leather furniture.
Vinyl surfaces.

Directions for Use:

Step 1. Gently peel back resealable sticker and remove wipe from pack.
Step 2. Wipe down leather surface and allow to dry naturally.
Step 3. Buff with a soft cloth.

Tips: For surface clean, shine and protect leather furniture and accessories, USE Oakwood Everyday Leather Wipes.
Use it with Oakwood Leather Deep Clean Soap and Leather Hydrating Cream for deep cleaning and conditioning of leather furniture and accessories.