Oakwood Leather Conditioning Cream 350ML

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Oakwood Leather Conditioning Cream for any leather furniture and accessories. It preserves its softness and durability, protecting against stains, ageing, dehydration and cracking.

- Conditions and restores fine leather.
- Protects leather from staining, soiling and colour fading.
- Ideal size for commercial cleaners

It contains special leather formulation including beeswax, lanolin, and emu oil to rejuvenate leather to a luxurious finish.

If you care for your leather, then Oakwood Leather Conditioning cream is for you!

Recommended Use:
- Leather jackets, handbags, belts, shoes and other accessories.
- Old and new fine leather furniture.
- Antique leather furniture.

It is recommended to use Oakwood Leather Conditioning Cream on your leather items and accessories every 2 to 3 months. This will ensure your leather product is properly cleaned, nourished, moisturised and protected for long-term life and enjoyment.

Directions for Use:

Step 1.  With applicator or soft cloth, apply a small amount to entire surface.
Step 2. Allow the ingredients to penetrate leather for 5-10 minutes.
Step 3. Buff leather with a soft cloth.


To maintain your leather use Oakwood Everyday Leather Wipes.