Easy Squeegee High Foam Easy to See Detergent for Glass

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Easy Squeegee High Foam is easy to see detergent for glass with less effort. Save time with 10-20% improved efficiency. Provides lubrication and cleaning power for blade scraping.

Features and Benefits:
– Save time with 10-20% improved efficiency
– Faster cleaning/less effort
– Superior cleaning qualities
– Softens water and reduces dirt redeposition
– Advanced wetting and rinsing agents for air drying
– Exceptional finish & shine on windows
– Save time and efficiency on regular jobs
– Regular use may reduce mineral deposits on glass
– No ammonia, phosphates or hazardous ingredients

Easy Squeegee High Foam is formulated for streak and smear free window cleaning! Get yours now.  Available in 1L, 5L, and 25L.
Directions for Use:Dilute 25ml of concentrate to 10 litres of water. Adjust dilution rate as conditions require (use extra concentrated to help remove adhesive and soften building remains on glass).Change squeegee rubbers regularly for best and faster finish. New quality rubbers have a sharper edge that requires less lubrication to minimise drag on glass.