MVP Waterborne PolyUrethane Timber Sports Seal

Peerles JAL
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MVP Waterborne PolyUrethane Timber Sports Seal is a low odour and VOC's formulated in accordance with Australia’s requirements for the timber sports floor environment by Australia’s leading sports floor coating manufacturer since 1947.

Features and Benefits:
- Meets EN 13036-2011 International Standard for slip resistance for Sports Floors.
- Outstanding initial gloss
- Improved scuff and scratch resistance
- Superior de-foaming and leveling capabilities resulting in easy application.
- Green building compliant
- Fire Indicies compliant
- Quick drying and curing time
- Low Odour and VOC’s

MVP maintains its high gloss appearance due to out standing scuff, wear and scratch resistance. Tested in accordance with international Basketball Standards but developed to match Australian conditions. MVP’s Low VOC formula is green building compliant and tested against international DIN standards. Developed as a sports floor coating it is designed for application on large areas in the variable Australian climate with speed and ease.