Dr Schutz R10 Additive Antislip Solution

Peerless JAL
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Dr Schutz R10 Additive formulated to increase the floor’s safety and slip-resistance to R10 classification, as well as improve the overall appearance and condition making it easily maintainable.

- For Dr. Schutz and Eukula 2-component water-based lacquers in the top-coat
 - Liquid compound for easy application.
- Slip resistance class P5 according to Australian standards and testing with PU Sealer
- Slip resistance class P4 according to Asutralian standard and testing with Strato Extreme
- Slip-resistance class R10 according to BGR 181 and DIN 51130.

Uses:- Non-slip safety in both wet and dry conditions- Meets safety requirements for hospitals and care homes- Saves 80% against the cost of replacing worn out floors
Can be combined with all Dr. Schutz Water-based sealers in the areas of application specified in their descriptions. Dr. Schutz R10 Additive is only used in the final lacquer coat.
Recommended on all types of resilient and wooden floors in hospitals, care homes, sports & leisure facilities and many other environments whereby the value of health and safety is extremely important. This Antislip Additive can be added to the top coat in combination with two-coat applications of PU Sealer, PU Anticolor and Eukula Strato water-based wood lacquers
Pack Size 500ml
Coverage 110 sq m p/ drum
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