Wagen King Multipurpose Drum Trolley

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How to move or load and unload 200L drums and barrels easily? Wagen King Multipurpose Drum Trolley is a great solution in transporting heavy drums around a warehouse or distribution centre. 

Features and Benefits:
- Zinc plated for maximum corrosion resistance
- Wheels have zinc plated hubs with roller bearings and solid rubber tyres
- Unique double tension spring design

Its robust build and four wheel design allows for maximum stability and longevity while being used. Features small internal wheels, so the drum can be rotated (when horizontal) to ensure the bung was in the correct position for decanting purposes, or if there was a leak from the bung.

Unlike most drum trolleys that have fixed axles which the drum has to be rolled up and over the wheel when loading, Wagen King Multipurpose Drum trolley is fitted with a swing back axle which allows operator to load with a minimal effortt, plus the spring absorbed the load/unload forces, and helped push the axle forward past the vertical, when it is used as a horizontal drum stand.

Dimensions 800 (L) x 620 (W) x 1540 (H) mm
Colour Silver
Weight 45kg
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