Wagen Mobile Tubs 5 Star with Handle and Backsaver Insert

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WAGEN Mobile Tub 5 Star designed for transporting linen to and from laundries. It comes with an ergonomic handle for greater control and a back-saver insert, which uses a spring to ensure the linen is at a level that reduces bending; creating the perfect environment to address OH&S concerns.

Features and benefits:
- Manufactured from impact resistant food grade polyethylene
- Fitted with grey mark resistant anti-skid castors
- Ergonomic handle for greater maneuverability and grip
- Self-leveling back-saver to prevent excess bending
- 3 different spring tensions available, specifically designed for various load types

WAGEN Mobile Tub is not only tough and durable, it’s also light weight and highly maneuverable, even with the largest of loads. These tubs are made from food grade polyethylene and is available in a wide range of colours and sizes. Fitted with an optional C Rig (6 wheels), the WAGEN Mobile Tub can navigate the tightest halls and doors ways.

This mobile trolley is also highly recommended for carting bulky items, pool equipment, machine parts and waste removal.

- Backsaver Insert for added OH&S requirements
- Added Handle for easy operation
- C Rig for easier maneuverability (on a Special Order)
Dimensions 200 Ltr
960 L x 680 W x 965 H mm
340 Ltr
1130 L x 750 W x 1000 H mm
455 Ltr
1470 L x 750 W x 1000 H mm
Colours Blue, Red, Natural
* Optional C Rig  is Available but on a Special Order
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