Bituclean Bitumen Asphalt Tar Wax Grease Remover

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Bituclean is easy to apply, fast acting, and effective bitumen, tar, asphalt, grease and wax remover from tools, machinery, and trucks. It is non-flammable and non-caustic.

Features:- Guaranteed results- Easy spray and wipe.- Degreases.
- Dissolves Bitumen fast allowing for quick removal.
- Non flammable solvent.
- Nature Safe, Non-Corrosive, No Odour
How to Apply Bituclean?Bituclean is applied by spraying on the surface and agitating slightly. After a minute dwell time, bitumen is easily removed from the surface by wiping with a cloth or rinsing with detergent water. Safe for metal, most plastic, painted surfaces and glass.