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Duplex Lithium Evolve Battery Operated Dual Floor Cleaner and Scrubber  is the first all in one machine - sweeper, scrubber, dryer which meets all your floor cleaning needs without the use of any chemicals. It's a huge cost saving floor cleaner offering faster and effective cleaning.

The unique features of Lithium Evolve include:
- 3-in-1 triple pick-up system: sweeps, scrubs and dries
- Simultaneous debris and liquid pick-up with twin conveyor and a new vacuum squeegee
- Innovative control of water injection with a simple trigger pressure
- Quiet mode to allow uninterrupted and silent cleaning
- Scrubs and dries in both directions
 Suitable for all types of floors  - carpets, tiles and hard floors, and vinyl floors. Gone are the days that you manually scrub, using mops and buckets, and even smelling those harsh chemicals while cleaning with this
3-in-one multi-surface floor cleaner Duplex Lithium Evolve Floor Cleaner!
The benefits of using Lithium Evolve include:
- Enhanced cleaning and instant drying with the triple pick-up system allowing sweeping, scrubbing and drying at once.
- Reduced slip hazard as Lithium Evolve picks up flooding water with its unique twin conveyors
- Rapid spill cleaning to effectively remove even hardest stains such as soils on the flooring
- Easy to use with a simple push of button and water flow trigger handling
- Reduced water use with lower water usage and high-level mechanical agitation.
- 75% labour reduction due to the combination of sweeping and scrubbing action in one.
Brush width 320mm
Cleaning solution tank 4L
Coverage m2/h 1000m2/h
Empty weight 15 kg
Battery run time 1 hr
Universal battery 110/115/240V
Battery charging time 3.5h