Escateq V or W Tread Starter Kit - Escalator Cleaning Tools

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Dirty escalators a problem? How to clean escalators in just few minutes and not hours? Escateq Starter Kit is a lightweight, one-person operational system designed to clean an Escalator in just a few minutes easily.


- Stopping the escalator is not required.
- One person operational.
- Does not need external power source.
- Lightweight makes it easy to clean, transport and simple to store.
- Engineered sponge pads clean the toughest stains, effectively and gently.
- Pads can be cleaned and reused

Kit includes the following:

- Telescopic Handle
- Head Unit & Saturation Tub - Choose either 60cm, 80cm, or 100cm
- * V Pad or W Pad (10 pack) - Choose either 60cm, 80cm, or 100cm
- Cleaning Solution

* To determine which type of pad you were needing you can use one of the fit cards or alternatively you can count the ridges within a 30.5cm area on the escalator step.
If the escalator has 34 ridges you will need the V Pads.
If the escalator has 36 ridges you will need the W Pads.
Download Replacement Parts PDF