White Magic Microfibre Laundry Bag 74x50cm

White Magic
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Stop the microplastic pollution from laundry washing with White Magic Microfibre Laundry Bag! This fabric bag protects your apparel as fewer fibres break compared to washing without the bag, and protects the ocean environment by reducing the number of microfibres that get flushed through washing machines.

Know that every time you wash, synthetic fibres break off and make their way from washing machines into rivers and oceans. White Magic Microfibre Laundry Bag is the solution to this, can be used on any items that contain synthetic textiles like polyester, acrylic, nylon. Water, detergent and softener can enter the laundry bag but the micro plastic fibres are filtered and can not leave the laundry bag.

Get yours now  to save your garments and our environment!

How to Use:

1. Sort garments by colour and material
2. Put the synthetic textiles into the laundry bag
3. Fill only half of the bag
4. Close the bag and wash as usual. For best results, use a liquid detergent in cold water
5. Take out the wet textiles after washing
6. Remove the micro plastic and dispose off in your regular rubbish

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