Leather Master Oleosa WaterProofing Fat Liquoring Agent

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Leather Master Oleosa WaterProofing Fat Liquoring Agent for Oiled Pull-up Leathers.  It will revitalise the leather giving it a soft, oily touch. Oleosa does not only have an excellent water proofing properties, it also contains protective agents that improve the leather's resistance to soiling and staining.

Uses and Benefits:
- Easy and Quick to Apply
-  Restores look and feel of the leather
-  Protects from general stains and soiling.
- Removes mild scuffs and scratch marks.
- Evens out the colour of worn oil pull-up leather.
- Ideal for routine maintenance
Protects against: Water, alcohol and oil based stains
Suitable for: Oil pull-up leather
Reapplication: Every 3 – 6 months, or after cleaning with a leather cleaner
Drying time:  30 minutes
Coverage: 250 ml will treat approximately 25 – 35 seats/each wipe will treat approximately 1 – 2
seats (coverage will vary depending on the absorbency of the leather)
Available as 250ml, 1L, and Oleosa Kit
1. Clean the surface of the leather with Leather Soft Cleaner.
2. Shake the bottle well.
3. Pretest the product on a hidden area.
4. Apply with a soft, clean, lint free cloth wiping a light film evenly on the surface of the leather.
5. Allow to dry. Best results are obtained by drying with a hair dryer on the warm setting.
6. Thoroughly Cleaner your furniture with Leather Soft Cleaner before re-applying.
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