Leather Master One Wipe 2-in-1 Water-Based Cleaner and Conditioner

500ml Spray Bottle
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Are you looking for cleaner and conditioner for pigmented leather? Well, Leather Master One Wipe Wipe does this for you.  Ideal for a fast, all-over clean and polish. Leather One Wipe will leave your furniture clean and rejuvenated in no time.


1. To clean and rejuvenate pigmented leather.

1. Quick and easy to apply.
2. Improves the look and feel of the leather.

Suitable for pigmented finishes, it's a handy rejuvenation and cleaning product available in a convenient spray bottle.

Cleaning power: Mild
Recommended frequency: Every 3–6 months
Suitable for: Pigmented leather
Drying time: 5–10 minutes

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