Leather Master Leather Odour Remover Water-based Odour Neutraliser

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Are you having concerns on how to get rid of bad smells from leather and fabric? Leather Master Leather Odour Remover removes unpleasant odours from leather. It doesn't just mask odours but its powerful enzyme based formula neutralises and eliminates the odours at their source.

1. To remove odours from leather and fabric.

1. Quick and easy to apply.
2. Neutralises odours at their source.
3. Long lasting effect.
Type: Enzyme based odour neutraliserDrying time: 5–10 minutes (touch dry)Dwell time: Best results are achieved 24–48 hours after application.Suitable for: Pigmented leather, aniline leather, nubuck, suede and fabric
TIPS: If the odour is not completely removed within 48 hours, reapply the product. Particularly strongodours may require several applications.